Duodenal intubation .How to spend duodenal intubation ?

Duodenal intubation - the introduction of the probe into the duodenum, which is carried out with both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

probe duodenal intubation is a rubber tube with a diameter of 3-5 mm and a length of 1.5 m;at the end, introduced into the stomach probe has a hollow metal olive size of 2 cm, it is more openings.On the probe has 3 marks: the first at a distance of 40-45 cm from the olives, the second - 70 cm and a third - 80 cm, the last label is roughly equivalent to the distance from the front teeth to the major duodenal papilla (Vater nipple).In addition to the probe, for duodenal intubation procedures are needed to clamp the probe, tripod tubes, 20 mL syringe, pituitrin, atropine, and 25% of magnesium sulfate solution.

Before the procedure, duodenal probe is boiled and cooled boiled water.On the eve of the study patient drinks 8 drops of 0.1% solution of atropine or slightly warm water with dissolved 30 g of xylitol, and then takes a light dinner, which excludes gas-forming fo

ods (brown bread, milk, potatoes).

study was carried out on an empty stomach.On the probe mark the distance from the navel to the front teeth of the patient in a standing position, then it is seated and give it into the hands of the tray.Lubricate olive probe glycerol, put it deep into the root of the patient's tongue and offered it to make swallowing movement, deep breathing at the same time.After that, the patient swallows a slow probe, and makes a few deep breaths when a gagging.When the probe reaches the first label, one can be sure that the olive is in the stomach.

The patient is placed on the right side, which enclose under the level of the lower edges of the roller, the roller is placed on top of the hot water bottle.After that, the patient continues to slowly swallow the probe.The probe extends into the duodenum after 1-2 hours when a delay in the stomach can enter patient subcutaneously 1 ml of a 0.1% atropine solution, 2 ml of a 2% solution of papaverine for 10-15 minutes and close tube clamp.By advancing the probe on its stomach contents aspirated syringe, preventing ingress into the duodenum.

Once the probe will be in the intestine and will advance to the third mark, the syringe is aspirated stands out from Vater nipple gall.To stimulate its allocation given to the patient to drink 30-50 ml of warm 25% solution of magnesium sulfate solution intramuscularly can enter pituitrina 2 ml or 0.5-1 mg of histamine.

Duodenal intubation is not only diagnostic but also therapeutic procedure as a lavage biliary tract in the process of sensing reduces stagnation of bile, thus removing the risk of stone formation and inflammation.

However, despite this positive effect, duodenal intubation can not be conducted frequently due to the fact that many people heavily and painfully suffer the introduction of the probe into the esophagus procedure, during which they occur frequently retching.Some patients with duodenal intubation generally contraindicated.These are patients who have had recent gastrointestinal bleeding, have varicose veins of the esophagus with severe heart disease and hypertension in severe curving cervical-thoracic spine.

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