21 September

Therapeutic diet for colitis (healthy and clinical nutrition )

With sharp paroxysmal pain and swelling in the intestines to some extent familiar to many.This signals the first body, which is in the colon inflammation.If these pains are accompanied by diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, arrhythmia, weakness, malaise, low blood pressure, and body temperature rises up to 37.5-38 degrees, it is necessary to be examined by a gastroenterologa.Lyubaya pain in our bodies does not occur onscratch.For example, if you have overeaten at dinner, do not be surprised that you will suffer stomach all night.

intestine Colitis - a disease in which the inflammatory-dystrophic lesions of the colon wall.In addition, where, and how amazed the intestine, are acute, chronic, ulcerative colitis, and spastic.Without proper treatment of colitis can lead to serious complications - peritonitis, polyneuritis, toxic hepatitis, dysbacteriosis, perforation of the bowel wall.Medication colitis consists of several stages.When the acute phase of the disease passes prescribe multivitamins and im

mune stimulants.If conservative treatment has no effect, the operation is performed.

But even the best medicine will not bring healing, if the patient does not adhere to dietary restrictions.There are general guidelines for all forms of colitis.Food should be high-grade, easily digestible and have no adverse effects on the colon.The dishes should be boiled, simmer or bake.Meals should be frequent, 4-6 times a day.Avoid too hot or too cold food.Do not drink a lot of fluids.Smoked products, pickles, canned food, spices and herbs are now not for you.Pasta, mushrooms, pastries, coffee and should be eliminated - all these products irritate the bowel.

Include in your menu, lean meat, fish, poultry, egg whites, soups on loosely, fat-free meat or fish broth, vegetable broth.Usefulness of certain dairy products - yogurt, yogurt, fermented milk, goat milk, non-acidic sour cream, mild cheese.

Vegetables desirable to cook, stew or baked slices, cooked in the form of mashed potatoes, casseroles, puddings.

can also have all the grain except the bran (even as part of the bread they scratch and irritate the intestines), any fruit (apples, pears without skin), boiled or baked.Bread eat the dried or slightly yesterday's baking fats - in the minimum amount.

exemplary diet for the day.
breakfast: boiled egg, buckwheat and oatmeal, unsweetened tea.
Lunch: soup with vegetable broth, meat steam souffle with carrot puree, jelly.
Afternoon: broth hips, dry biscuit or muffin nesdobnoe.
Dinner: fish (dumplings, meatballs, patties, steamed or boiled in water), rice pudding with fruit sauce, tea.
At night: a glass of kefir.

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