Marine Indian rice (healthy and clinical nutrition )

Marine rice (sometimes called sea fungus or mushroom rice) drew the attention of not only fans of this drink, healers, but also the official medicine.There are data on the study of the healing properties of the sea of ​​rice in the medical institutions of Moscow.Studies show high antibacterial activity.Even it was isolated antimicrobial meduzin.Officially established and other healing properties of sea rice: first of all wound healing and protivoholesterinovye.Thus, marine rice - not fiction, not fantasy fans of exotic and delicious, curative and affordable for the home environment healthful drink.

There are indications that the Russians dine infusion of Indian rice sea front in Europe, and he has penetrated into Russia from the East.Marine Indian rice, however, is common in Russia is much less, and studied the healing properties of its just not enough in comparison with the Kombucha.However, in traditional medicine accumulated experience of its use for the treatment of certain diseases.

Firstly, people who consumed the infusion of Indian Maritime rice, noticed a significant improvement in the general condition of diabetes and sugar levels significantly decreased at the same time.

There is evidence of a positive effect of this infusion with arthritis.Complete healing of when this is hardly possible, but the relief of the patient this insidious disease, too bad.

noteworthy positive effect of the infusion of Indian rice with sea severe disease -rasseyannom sclerosis, but do not trust the people in it as something not desirable.Oche¬vidno, you must use the specified infusion in combination with other agents conventionally used in the treatment of this disease, for example, with the drug or itself datiskan medicinal plant datiska.

Experienced doctors at the time noted that the treatment of joint diseases using the infusion of Indian rice sea patients improved hormones (hormones ste¬roidnye).

technology growing sea of ​​Indian rice.
start growing sea of ​​Indian rice follow the preparatory period.

First of all, rice is necessary to change the water regularly, at least 2 times a week, it is better every 3 days.In no case do not leave a dry rice, he immediately disappears.If the rice is divided, then he resumed.Therefore, he can live long enough, not even one year.But rice is enough fastidious: suddenly, seemingly, for no apparent reason, the infusion becomes cloudy and soon turns into a lot of mucous.To restore his health is more expensive, so it is best to start a new figure, that is, to take a new starter.Interestingly, the innovators of rice breeding instead of aquatic give him milk, in which he is well propagated, but, according to experts, in this case, it becomes even more finicky, can quickly get sick, and, most importantly, in the dairy environment Figure loses healing properties.

the preparation of infusions.To leaven
take 1 tablespoon of rice and pour 0.5 liters of boiled water at room temperature.In yeast rice alive and he needs food, so add water to a handful of dried fruit: raisins and dried apricots.Infuse Figure 2 in such a day.

And on the third day in the morning infusion drain through cheesecloth, then left the rice grains wash cool boiled water, then in the same way as in the first case, fill them with water and add the raisins and apricots, put for infusion.Rice is growing fast enough, the rice division occurs through 3-10days, it all depends care.

Keep a jar of rice infusion should be warm, avoid direct sunlight, feed after each washing.

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