How to win multiple sclerosis ?

Sclerosis can begin in a fairly young age and develop hidden for many years before the patient begins to feel ill.In contrast to hypertension which affects all vessels sclerosis affects only a part of them (artery of the heart, brain, esophagus, kidney, lower limbs), and in some cases - especially predisposed to arterial sclerosis.

sclerotic changes occur in the sealing walls of the arteries that leads to their gradual narrowing, hinders blood flow.On the walls of the vessels are laid fat-like substance containing a lot of cholesterol, they are covered with a thick layer of connective tissue, which can harden or obyzvestvitsya, sometimes such a hardened wall bursts, there is an ulcer, which is contact with the blood clot forms, overlapping the already constricted channel.Blood flow ceases, and developed necrosis of tissues: heart attack, stroke or other bleeding in the body, depending on the type of the affected artery.

Except acute malnutrition, narrowing of the arteries causes a chronic deficiency o

f blood supply, leading to organ damage, supplied with this artery.

disease occurs due to many factors.First of all, with the age of the artery walls become more sensitive.

wome more prone to sclerosis after menopause.Often, a combination of four factors observed: an excess of blood lipids, especially the "harmful" cholesterol (LDL), smoking, diabetes and hypertension.Fighting them can slow multiple sclerosis, and sometimes even forcing retreat (regression of the disease).

How are sclerotic changes?
disease begins in the thin membrane that lines the inside of blood vessels.The shell is a kind of a filter, through which the vessel wall to reach the nutrients from the blood.This is a real chemical factory, which can produce all the products needed for their own content.Under normal conditions, the inner shell misses fat and some blood cells.

initial change is damage the inner lining (appears as if Scherbinka or irregular porosity).

Let us not forget that skin is constantly operating hazards: shock and blood flow, irritation due to excessive blood levels of cholesterol, sugar, insulin, adrenaline (smoking, stress), and many substances carried by the blood.It happens that in the vessels begins deposition of excess lipids and kletki "cleaners", which should absorb them, can no longer cope with the task and killed by "eating".At this stage it is possible to improve and recover, if stop the harmful effects and the amount of cholesterol reduced.Otherwise, it will continue the deposition of lipids, which form a kind of pocket surrounded kletkami- "cleaners" who came to the rescue, but was not able to reduce the damage.Sclerotic plaque is formed, which causes a specific inflammatory response, and this worsens the situation even more.

The process is developing very differently.Sometimes described situation lasts several years.Sometimes violation of quickly gaining momentum, the plaque is filled with microscopic vessels, which, bursting, mikrokrovopodteki form, plaque grows and can completely occlude the lumen of the vessel.The plaque can be formed "cleft", usually adjacent thereto thrombus, especially when the blood clots too easily (because of smoking, diabetes, or excess fat in it).

How to win multiple sclerosis?
best to prevent multiple sclerosis - to timely detect and neutralize the risk factors mentioned above.

Sclerosis - disease of lifestyle and genetic predisposition.Each himself must assess whether it is likely that he was sick sclerosis.It's enough to pay a visit to a therapist.Thus, the risk of MS is high in the presence of the following factors:

- father (fifty five years old) or maternal (sixty) appears sharp
vascular disease - diabetes or hypercholesterolemia at the father, mother, sister or
brother - the deposition of cholesterolon the eye or eyelids (white rim around the iris, yellow lumps)
- smoking 10-15 cigarettes daily
- noticeable fullness
- diabetes mellitus or glucose intolerance
- permanent high blood pressure
- increased blood levels of cholesterol or triglycerides
- permanentstresses, such as those associated with the job.

combination of several risk factors greatly increases the risk of MS, with the individual risk factors are not cumulative, and multiplied.

Thus, the presence of several risk factors for ill-defined results in a significant risk of disease.Whoever has the blood pressure of 150/95 mmHg, blood cholesterol of 240 mg / dL, smoking 10 cigarettes daily, often imagines himself healthy, although the risk of multiple sclerosis for him the same as if the cholesterol level was 300 mg/ or for blood pressure 200/150 mm, which should have cause for concern.

paramount importance in the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis has a fight with hypercholesterolemia.The closer to normal blood levels of cholesterol, the lower risk of development and sclerosis.Normal

its concentration - 180-200 mg / dL.It is noted in young healthy people.In fact, the harmful effects of cholesterol has only a part (in the jargon of the layman - the "bad" cholesterol) - fraction of LDL cholesterol (low density - low density).Any laboratory is able to assess its level, which should not exceed 160 mg / dL, and even better - 130 mg / dL.At the same time, high levels of HDL fraction of cholesterol ( "good, usefulĀ», high density - high density) is welcome, because the molecule carries HDL cholesterol, thereby cleansing the walls of arteries.

In the case where the concentration of total cholesterol greater than 250 mg / dL, you should seek the advice of a doctor.For the normalization of the situation often enough diet.

However, the difficulty is to maintain good results for a long time.Sometimes it is necessary to prescribe the drug.

most often manifested hypercholesterolemia cholesterol concentration in the range of 200-250 mg / dl.Probability sclerosis in this case may be different, though, as a rule, not very high.Emphasis should be placed on the fraction of LDL cholesterol (the "bad"), the contents of which should be reduced to 130 mg / dl.To do this well enough diet.And in this case it is necessary to take into account the presence of risk factors.

special group of women taking birth control pills.In this case, one diet can not do.

With an increase in blood levels of triglycerides or cholesterol should turn to another method of contraception, especially if a woman smokes or has a predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

What kind of diet is considered necessary for the prevention of high blood cholesterol?Here are its basic principles.

1. Limit the intake of animal fats: smoked, fatty red meat (chops, ribs, pork, mutton, lamb), oils (even low-fat).Instead, use margarine, sunflower, 40-50% cream, salami (45-55% fat), cocoa,

2. Avoid foods high in cholesterol (brain, kidney, liver).

3. eat more fish and lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef, horse meat, lean beef).

4. To enter into the diet more than vegetable oils (sunflower oil and margarine, soybean, corn, olive oil) which contain high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and decrease cholesterol concentration.

5. Eat more vegetables (fresh and frozen), dishes of raw cereals, fruit.Fiber contained in these foods, lowers cholesterol.

6. Limit your intake of saturated fatty acids contained in cakes, cookies, ice cream, desserts, loaves, sauces, fried foods, etc.

7. This diet -.. Is not the punishment, which is necessary for a time to accept.It is simply a rational and pleasant method of power.And remember that a single, random its violation - not a disaster.It harms only what is repeated constantly.

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