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Polycystic - one of the most common diseases affecting women, in which on the background of hormonal disorders varies ovaries work.The complex process of the female reproductive cycle is regulated by changes in the level of several hormones.This brain pituitary hormones - luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).As well as the hormones produced by the ovaries: the female hormones estrogen and progesterone and some of the male hormone androgen (testosterone, androstenedione and degidroandrosteron (DEA)

In polycystic ovary in the body breaks down the ratio of male and female hormones, ie there is a hormonal imbalance ovaries increase... 2-6 times compared to the normal size of their capsule (the outer shell) thickens, it is formed by many small cysts ovarian cysts -. it follicles (vesicles) filled, containing immature egg liquid

Restructuring leads to failure function.body: impaired development of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone), increases the production of mal

e sex hormones (androgens), impaired ovulation (the ripening and release of the egg)

Symptoms disease first signs of polycystic can be cutaneous manifestations of hormonal imbalance - fat..the skin, the appearance of acne, acne, greasy hair.Suddenly, for no apparent reason, may increase the weight of 10-15 kg, there is excessive hairiness.Then the regularity of the menstrual cycle is broken - there are long delays.

Intrigue polycystic that when a young girl's menstruation does not come for several months, up to six months, a year, it is often written off to "age" irregularity.Sometimes, but not in every case, polycystic accompanied by pain in the abdomen.

However polycystic fully manifested later in life (childbearing) age when a woman can not conceive or bear a child.

diagnosis of polycystic .In the diagnosis of polycystic most important (the most common and the faithful) are the following manifestations: visualization of cysts on ultrasound, menstrual irregularities and signs of hormonal imbalance.

# Irregular menstrual cycle or no menstruation.(Under the irregular menstruation involve violations of the menstrual cycle, between two menses more than 35 days, or menstruating less eight times a year.) In the measurement of basal body temperature (in the rectum), it remains approximately constant over the cycle, rather than an increase (as in normal) during the second half.

# Enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts, which are detected by ultrasound.

# hormone androgen excess.Implication: hirsutism on the face, chest, groin, back, arms and legs, acne (acne), and male pattern baldness (alopecia).However, these symptoms appear not all women with PCOS.

As already mentioned, ultrasound is used in the diagnosis of polycystic.Determine the level of sex hormones in the blood, is held laparoscopic study.

in its manifestations polycystic similar to some other diseases that must take into account in the survey.Here is a list of these diseases.

• Hypothyroidism - lowering activity of the thyroid gland, which can lead to the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea).

• Hyperprolactinemia in which the pituitary gland produces an excess of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates the production of breast milk and suppresses ovulation.

• Swelling of the ovaries or adrenal glands that can cause an increase in levels of the hormone androgen.

Treatment long, but possible.Usually therapy begins with the appointment of hormonal drugs, the reception of which is held under constant review by ultrasound and determination of hormones in the blood.Use the tools that reduce the level of male sex hormones that regulate metabolic processes in the brain structures and other

important stage of treatment consists in stimulation of ovulation -. This effect is also achieved through the use of drugs.In order to normalize the menstrual cycle, as well as excessive growth of hair is often used combined estrogen-progestin formulations (oral contraceptives).

And remember that the appointment of hormonal treatments is necessary for all women suffering from polycystic, regardless of the desire to have a child.After all, the danger of this disease lies in the increased risk of uterine cancer.

If hormonal treatment fails to conceive, doctors may recommend a laparoscopy.This operation is, unfortunately, give only a temporary effect that lasts up to 12 months.Therefore, immediately after the surgery again prescribe hormonal agents.This increases the possibility to conceive a child.

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