The healing properties of green tea (healthy and clinical nutrition )

Green tea is prepared from leaves of young plants, without subjecting them to special treatment - fermentation and zasushivaya immediately after collection.The leaves at the same time retain their color and maximum natural properties.However, in order not to lose all the benefits of tea, brew it should pravilno.Prezhde all, green tea is recommended to drink freshly, although yesterday's brew, lost vitamins and proteins, acquires a unique property to destroy bacteria and germs.And one need to brew tea leaves at most two times, since even the occasional re-brewing already lost 50% of vitamins and minerals, and in the third of them is no more than 20%.Recommended daily drink 2-4 cups of green tea.

All green teas are recommended to brew hot water 60-90 ° C.After brewing the tea infusion can have color from light green to dark pretty rich green or yellow-green.

Green tea is recommended to drink without milk and sugar, but if you can not do without the sweet, add a little honey in the tea.

By the way, scientists have found a way to make green tea even more useful.As it turned out, nothing tricky - just add in a cup with a slice of lemon or drink the juice of any citrus fruit.It is known that these fruits are especially rich in vitamin C. So if you add citrus green tea beverage composition of the number of antioxidants increases significantly.And it is these active substances reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even cancer.Observations suggest that the addition of fruit juices catechin content in the green tea increases 5 times, adding lemon juice - 7 times, and if you prepare a cocktail of tea and ascorbic acid, the nutrients therein is 13 times greater than thein conventional beverage.

truth immediately it should be noted that green tea is good in moderation.US researchers have found that too high doses of green tea can cause liver and kidney disease.Green tea is considered to be useful drink, having a variety of therapeutic effects.But this is so, if consumed moderately tea - ten small cups a day or two of normal.A more intensive use in the body increases amount of polyphenols that cause adverse changes in the liver.

In green tea manufacturing technology excludes the operation of withering and fermentation, so the drink contains high amounts of vitamins, macro- and microelements.Judge for yourself: 1 g of dry tea leaves contain: 17.8 mg of potassium (6-8 cups of green tea cover about 2/3 of daily need for this element), 4.7 mg of calcium, 0.3 mg iron, 2 mgmagnesium.

tea leaf can accumulate and transmit drink valuable micronutrients - boron, barium, zinc, copper, aluminum, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, chromium.According to the content of vitamins green tea than many fruits and vegetables.For example, vitamin C in fresh tea leaves, not plucked from the bush, 4 times more than the lemon.Worth to recall that the vitamin C in tea virtually destroyed by the hot water, because the tea is present in a chemical compound with the tannins, which prevent it from collapse.And B vitamins are not destroyed in the processing of the sheet, so retained in the beverage.As for vitamins P and PP, then in three cups of green tea contains a daily rate of these vitamins.One should not forget about vitamin K contributes to the formation of prothrombin in the liver needed to maintain normal blood clotting.

But the main thing that is found in green tea is the biggest of all plants fratsiya catechins that inhibit substances that cause mutation of cells.The most biologically active of these is methylated epigallocatechin gallate.Its antioxidant properties many times stronger than vitamins E and C. Japanese scientists have painted it as a health elixir.

Another major component of green tea - tannin, which according to experts is 20 times more effective than vitamin E, regulating fat metabolism and slows the aging process.

Green tea - it has no contraindications, amazing natural means of cleansing the body of toxins.This drink is a wonderful and thermostat with acute respiratory diseases, and other fevers.

very successfully using green tea in the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach (gastritis), gallbladder (chronic and acute cholecystitis), liver and pancreas.

Green tea - a good blood pressure control in hypertensive and hypotensive patients.

contained in green tea is good for teeth fluoride.Fans of this drink is much less at risk of tooth decay.In addition, a large number of essential tea aromatics are removed halitosis, and contained in the drink Vitamin C has a healing effect on the teeth, especially in periodontitis.

Green tea helps to strengthen the tendons and bones, blood formation, supports thyroid function is especially useful for the elderly.

Tea caffeine promotes urination and removes superficial bruises, removes toxins, alcohol intoxication, strengthens the heart, breathing levels, expands the blood vessel walls.

This drink possesses strong antibacterial effect, the higher the grade of tea, the higher antimicrobial activity.Moreover, experimentally established bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties of tea, its ability to kill or suppress not only the bacteria of decay, but also more specific microbes such as dysentery bacillus, hemolytic yellow staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus.Therefore, treatment of dysentery green tea several times more effective than treatment with expensive drugs, and, by the way, is much safer for patients, since no side effects.

And green tea can cook a wonderful wrap for the treatment of acute conjunctivitis, and inflammation of the eyelids, stomatitis, skin burns and lung mucosa.

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