Notes of coffee (healthy and clinical nutrition )

Coffee - beautiful, fragrant, invigorating drink.Many of us simply can not imagine his morning without coffee flavor.And whether it is useful?You decide. ๏ American study showed that coffee can lead to the development of certain diseases affecting women, particularly endometriosis.And all because the tonic increases the production of the female hormone estradiol.The experiment involved 500 women aged 36-45 years.Those who drank 3-5 daily cups of coffee, the level of estradiol was 70% higher than in those who drank 1-2 cups.

๏ According to Danish researchers, women who drank 8 or more cups of coffee a day during pregnancy, a 2-fold increased risk of spontaneous abortion and fetal death.Therefore, pregnant contraindicated drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day.

๏ Scientists Hessian University (Germany) found that after drinking coffee from the organism strenuously deduced calcium.Especially dangerous is the loss of calcium for older women, whose risk of osteoporosis (a disease in which bones become f

ragile) is very high.Experts advise that if there is no strength to give up coffee - add milk to it.This will help to neutralize harmful compounds.

๏ The Harvard University studies have been conducted, the results of which showed that coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes.The study, which lasted 18 years, was attended by 126,000 people.As a result, scientists have found that men who drank more than six cups of coffee a day, the risk of diabetes decreased by 50%, women - 30%.But we should not do the wrong conclusions, believing that it is necessary to drink as much coffee, because in large quantities it is not the best way affects the central nervous system.

๏ Japanese researchers from the National Cancer Center in Tokyo surveyed more than 90 000 volunteers, regular coffee drinkers, and then for 10 years conducted medical surveillance of their state of health.During this time, 334 volunteers developed cancer of the kidneys.Medical statistics showed that the medium is under the supervision of the incidence of kidney cancer was 214 per 100 000 people regularly consume at least one cup of coffee a day for 10 years.And the incidence of kidney cancer among coffee drinkers was not 547 per 100 000. The researchers believe that the antioxidants in coffee, protect kidney cells from harmful oxygen radicals and prevent disease.

๏ Eating large doses of caffeine prevents alopecia.This is the conclusion of the medical university of the German city of Jena.In men, hair loss is responsible for early hormone testosterone, that is what it is, the greater the likelihood of hair loss.Scientists believe that hormonal hair loss can be stopped by using caffeine.Rubbing a special solution into the scalp can prevent early baldness.However, scientists warn coffee lovers that do not abuse drink, hoping to prevent hair loss.To the right amount of caffeine reached the roots of the hair would have to drink 60-80 cups of coffee a day.That is, caffeine should be consumed as a local agent, acting The direct tively on the scalp.This is very useful and as prophylaxis.Most effective in this case the coffee grinds.

๏ Coffee enemas.Repeatedly proven experience has shown that a coffee enema makes a person completely broken and prostrate general intoxication, operational in 10-15 minutes and half an hour later all the unpleasant symptoms completely disappear.
Brew coffee (ground not instant!), Cool to room temperature (it is recommended to add half the lemon juice), put an enema.Hold for 12-15 minutes (not less than ten), best on the right side, relax.
Optimal for treatments not use roasted green coffee.

๏ Coffee "cleansers."Coffee grounds can replace the best loofah.To do this, take in hand 1 teaspoon of coffee with a hill Sleeps (best collected in advance and dried), and add to it a little bit every shower gel.Right in the palm still mix and rub this mixture of the body as a washcloth.Then just rinse everything with water.

๏ Peeling pizza.Coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliating facial blending its other ingredients: honey, yogurt, sour cream vegetable oil.

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