Nutritional care for hepatitis A ( diet in diseases )

liver - an organ, without which it can not be the normal digestive process, because it helps the liver to digest the stomach and intestines eaten food, and hepatitis, it can not cope with this task.To help the liver to perform its functions can only specially created diet.Therapeutic diet for hepatitis promotes maximum sparing of the liver, normalization of liver and biliary tract functions, improve bile secretion, creating conditions for the normalization of the functions of organs, often involved in the disease process in diseases of the liver and biliary excretion organs, regulation of fat metabolism and cholesterol, as well as the accumulation of glycogen.Food patient with hepatitis A should be easily digestible, soft, but at the same time contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body.The diet is limited fat intake.Appointed by foods rich in lipotropic substances, fiber and pectin.Excluded are strong stimulators of the secretion of gastric and pancreatic: extractives, organic ac

ids and foods with a high content of essential oils.Prohibited fried foods and foods rich in cholesterol, purines and oxalic acid.All dishes are boiled or steamed.Products made of vegetables and grains can be baked (meat, fish baked after evaporation).

All food is prepared in powdered form.Diet - fractional, 4-6 times a day.

Recommended Products:

- the dried bread or yesterday, nesdobnoe cookies from dough.
- Vegetable soups, cereals soups vegetable broth (rice, oats) and soup of cereals

milk soups with macaroni, vermicelli, noodles, fruit soups with rice.Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage, borscht, vegetarian borscht (Cabbage), beetroot.

- beef, lean pork, rabbit meat without tendons and fascia in a boiled, baked and a piece.The meat is boiled small pieces (100 g) in water (ratio 10: 1) over low heat (5 minutes), the primordial soup is drained, the meat re-fill with fresh hot water and cook until tender.Goulash, steak, Burgers, burgers, stuffed cabbage and rice, milk sausages.

- Dishes from low-fat varieties of fish (perch, cod, saffron cod, hake, ice, pike and others.): Souffle, dumplings, and a piece of Burgers.

- Cooked, raw, stewed not chopped vegetables (salads, side dishes), mashed potatoes, pudding, stew, cabbage rolls, rolls.Mashed green peas.

- Buckwheat, oatmeal crisp cereal, rice with carrots, dried fruit, cheese, cooked in water with milk, small boiled pasta.

- The dishes are not allowed to add more than one egg per day is permitted protein omelet.

- Sweet fruit and berries (strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples) - raw, boiled and baked, dried fruits.

- Meringues, candy, honey, jam (some of the sugar is replaced with xylitol or sorbitol).

- Milk, yogurt, yogurt, acidophilus, bold, and low-fat cottage cheese and dishes from it: dumplings, puddings, casseroles.The meals can add sour cream.Milk, vegetables, sour cream, sweet fruit sauces.

- dill, parsley, vanilla, cinnamon.
- jellied fish, soaked in water, low-fat herring.Salads of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil.Squash caviar, milk and doctoral sausage, lean ham.Cheese pasta, mild cheese.

- beverages: tea, coffee with milk or without, berry, fruit and vegetable juices (strawberry, raspberry, apple, cherry, carrot, tomato).A decoction of rosehip and wheat bran.

- Butter and natural dishes, refined vegetable oil - in dishes.

Prohibited products.

- Fresh bread, pastry and fried pies

- Brees: meat, fish and mushrooms, hash

- Fatty meats, duck, goose, liver, kidneys, brains, smoked sausages and canned

- Fish:flounder, halibut and other lean

smoked, salted, canned

- sorrel, spinach, radishes, radish, green onion, garlic, mushrooms, pickled vegetables, legumes

- hard-boiled eggs and fried

- Ice cream,creams and chocolate

- limited to the cream, fat milk, fermented baked milk, sour cream, fat cottage cheese and fat cheeses

- pepper, horseradish, mustard, spicy and fatty snacks, meats, eggs

- Strong black coffee, cocoa, cold drinks,acidic juices

- Refractory fats: lamb, pork, beef fat, cooking fats

- All kinds of alcoholic beverages.

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