21 September

Clinical nutrition .Diet after a myocardial infarction ( diet in diseases )

myocardial infarction changes the whole life of man: it is now entirely focused on something in order to eliminate the effects of a heart attack.Among rehabilitation measures almost crucial therapeutic diet - its strict adherence to a very positive impact on patient health.Proper nutrition creates a benign environment for the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle, strengthens the process of excretion of nitrogenous wastes unoxidized products obmena.Lechebnaya diet begins at 5-6 weeks after suffering a heart attack, after the patient has passed intensive care in hospitaland rehabilitation in the sanatorium.On the day of the body has to get 90-100 grams of protein, 70-80 grams of fat, 400-450 grams of carbohydrates, 5.8 grams of salt, 1.2-1.5 liters of fluid.For people who are overweight calorie intake should not exceed 2250 kcal, and of normal weight - 2750 kcal.The total number of patients reduce the consumption of bread, bakery products, sweets.

Food is recommended to take 4 times a day,

in small portions, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime, and at night is better to drink a glass of yogurt, kefir or fruit juice.

permitted following dishes :

• borscht, soup, soups, vegetables, cereals, veggie, fruit (1 time per week - the meat or chicken broth)

• lean beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish(1 time per day for 150 g) piece, as well as in the form of steam cutlets and meatballs

• porridge and pasta dishes

• vegetable side dishes (except legumes)

• 1 egg per day (usedonly proteins)

• natural cheese, mild cheese, sour cream, cream, yogurt and other

• milk, sour cream, sweet and sour sauce (in vegetable broth)

• salads, especially deciduous and fruit, vinaigrettes,boiled fish in a vegetarian jellies, homemade caviar from vegetables, salted caviar black (20 g 1-2 times a week)

• brown bread

• butter (unsalted butter, ghee), vegetable oil (20-25 mlput on)

• jellies, creams, gels, mousses, raw fruits, biscuits, preserves and jams.

From drinks allowed: milk tea, lemon, coffee, natural, vegetable, fruit and berry juices, infusion of rose hips, a decoction of bran with honey and lemon juice

excluded :

strong meat and fish broth

friedmeat, fish, poultry, especially fat, sharp salty meals and snacks, canned goods, meats, sausages, soft bread, alcoholic beverages.
from the diet are also excluded: mustard, horseradish and other sharp spices, meats, strong tea and coffee.

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