12 August

Russian bath and exercise ( it is useful to know )

Russian bath is very useful for all people engaged in heavy physical labor, and even athletes.It not only produces a certain training effect (being a burden on the body, it strengthens the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular system), but also allows you to rest and unload after severe physical exertion - including psychologically.It eases pain in muscles and joints, improves sleep and appetite, resulting in a good mood and well-being: Regular visits to the bath can reduce the likelihood of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, improve the body's metabolism, thereby increasing its overall effektivnost.No remember that afterexercise regimes in the bath should be very moderate - not worth a second time to expose the tired body to severe stress.

Broom, you are going to use when visiting Bath, you must first prepare.Naturally, it should be clean, preferably fresh - that is collected from freshly plucked twigs.Fresh broom enough rinse in warm water before camym entering the steam room - and

he's ready to

but the broom harvested for a long time, even before the bath season, you need a few hours before the bath pour warm, then hot water, shake, hidein a clean plastic bag.

Before entering the steam room broom would be nice to steam: put in a bowl with warm water, to gradually replace the water on a very hot, and cover all the other basin.By the way, the water remaining after steaming broom, very useful to you when you exit the steam room - it is very good to wash your hair.

first touch of the broom to the body should be light, caressing, leisurely.Start with the feet, then successively go to the sides, back, shoulders, along the same route return back

gradually increasing the intensity of the attacks, repeat this procedure at least once heel.Experienced baths visitors can immediately begin active shock and beginner one should not immediately try to bring yourself to the point of exhaustion.

best to expect a hike in the bath on the evening of the Sabbath day: after washing and a little rest is useful immediately go to bed, knowing that tomorrow will not be busy working day.If you visit a bath in the afternoon, be sure to schedule it after short sleep.

body and soul - our attention.Good thing - go to the bath!
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