19 September

Lithotherapy .Aventurine.Agalmatolit ( alternative medicine )

Aventurine .Mineral from the group of feldspars, fine-grained siliceous rocks.Often there is translucent from the depths in the form of sequins inclusion.For these species, such as hematite, magnetite, goethite, ilmenite inclusions characteristic (in the form of small flakes), oxides and hydroxides of iron for muscovite - mica

sometimes these inclusions are native copper.Such inclusions create internal shimmer stone (usually red or orange), apparently, so feldspar often called "solar stone", or geliolitom.Astrologers also consider him the Sun Stone.

All varieties of this mineral has long been especially revered in the East, and especially in South-West Asia.For example, China has always highly valued Green Aventurine, which was considered a sacred stone

state seal of the Chinese emperor was made of it.The properties of this group the following gems:
- they give the holder the joyful ( "solar") mood

- pep

- mental clarity

- promoting reciprocity in love

- elderly people returns becaus

e of his youth.

In the classic Western occultism, in addition, it was believed that this mineral is able to awaken the imagination and ability to mystical revelations, and can sometimes push its owner looks at completely unexpected, but subconsciously carefully thought out actions.

In the Middle Ages, alchemists attributed his property to treat neurological disorders, also believed that prolonged wearing on the body of the mineral improves skin color.

agalmatolit .

Under this name combines several varieties of minerals:
- aggregates pyrophyllite (aluminum silicate)

- steatite (magnesium silicate)

- clay minerals of various composition, similar to preimu¬schestvenno mikrocheshuychatym kaolinite

- diasporas.

In the esoteric knowledge of the properties of this mineral is mainly due to its unique physical properties: the stone is so soft, it is easy to process, while delivering a wide variety of colors and shades.But it becomes much harder after firing.This explains the breadth of its use since ancient times: due to the fact that it is easy to handle, because it cut small parts - in this case, not only artistic or decorative, but also religious or magical.In ancient China, it was valued very highly, especially artificially dyed azure color and burnt.In Russia, he was called "imaginative", from it cut the volume icon.Perhaps the most widespread name - "soap stone" - is also associated with its softness.

agalmatolita name comes from the Greek word "agalma" - the "face" because carvers highly valued him as a soft ornamental material, can reliably convey the features of a human face.

Main stone value in terms of the question of interest to us, rather magical.It was believed that the stone absorbs a certain quality of an image, a form which he gave during processing.So, when it was necessary to sacrifice a large animal, it was thought that it was quite possible to replace the skillful imitation of the stone.Carved stone likeness of a man used to influence him (a type of "Volt"), and as a kind (treatment), and evil intentions.

magical power of the stone, thus depended mainly on the form attached to it.

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