19 September

Lithotherapy .Magnetite.Malachite.Morion (it is useful to know )

MAGNETITE .This mineral (rock) is used for the production of iron, iron and steel, but the ancient knowledge, and attributes to him certain medicinal properties.

So, it was argued that due to the magnetic properties, it is able to "pull" of the human disease.Mainly used (and is used in alternative and traditional medicine to this day):
# to treat toothache

# improve mood in melancholic

# get rid of nightmares

# cure insanity (if wearing magnetite on the left hand)

# spleen disease

# stomach

# bones

# vessels

# eye diseases.

One of the most important qualities is considered to be the ability to produce an analgesic effect (when applied to the affected area).There is also evidence that in ancient times was used for mineral extraction stuck in the wound iron tips martial arrows.

Magnetite - one of the few minerals, which recognizes certain therapeutic properties, and official medicine.From a scientific point of view of its weak magnetic field can have a beneficial effect on the

body, and to some extent to provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edema effect, as well as several improved metabolism.

used in combination of modern magnetic therapy to accelerate tissue regeneration, with radiculitis, treatment of frostbite and injuries.


Very nice gem green, joy to the eye color brightness and silky, "velvet" shades.It is not very durable, and, nevertheless, highly prized by jewelers at all times - because it made almost all kinds of jewelry.

The esoteric tradition malachite - a symbol of life,

growth for this reason out of him very often made amulets and charms for children.In Europe, endowed with a special power of the talisman malachite, if it had been carved image of the sun - it protected people from the evil sorcery.

ancient knowledge is also attributed malachite, if you use it as an amulet and constantly carry with them, the following properties:
# diverts from the owner of all evil

# brings the fulfillment of desires

# bestow peaceful sleep and drives away evil thoughts.

In terms of medicinal properties of malachite helps cure at:
# asthma

# rheumatism,
# eye diseases

# bones

# skin and hair.

addition, gem normalizes heart function and is a good antidote for poisoning.


Dark smoky quartz.In ancient treatises on magic, this mineral was regarded as an indispensable means to establish contact with the world of the dead and the spirits

it is not too fond of the fact that it is traditionally the most widely used in necromancy.In addition, the stone has established itself as an attribute of mourning: because he did mourning rings and even funeral urns.

In medical terms esoteric knowledge stores the following information about this gem.It is used:
# for the treatment of joints and the entire musculoskeletal system

# diseases of the blood system and hematopoiesis

# promotes treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction,

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