19 September

Mothers note.How to give medicine to a child ( it is useful to know )

The use of drugs in the treatment of children has its own characteristics.This is due, primarily, with a wide range of age-dose characteristics of absorption and release of drugs by the body of the child.With the growth and development of the child change the dosage of drugs, their method of administration.And it is from this largely depends on the effectiveness and safety of drug terapii.V age 5 children are not usually able to make powders, tablets or wafers.The drugs they are given in the form of solutions, infusions, decoctions, juices, syrups.

acids and drugs containing iodine or iron salts, by contact with which the teeth are destroyed, it is best to give through the plastic tube.Just give them a little with a teaspoon, but it needs to enter from the side and deep in her mouth to cure has not got to the teeth.

Older children who have to give the medicine with an unpleasant smell and taste, we can offer pre-chew orange peel, eat a small piece of herring or rinse your mouth with mint water.Bitter

pill is better to grind into powder, mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil

then need to add a spoonful of this mixture in milk, where the oil is collected in the form of a ball.And if while taking medicines to pinch the child's nose, just quickly wiped his lips and give drink something pleasant to the taste, the child will not feel discomfort.The taste unpleasant medicine can be mitigated as fruit syrup or jam.

not advisable to mix the medicine with food, as it can lead to a negative attitude towards food.An exception may be absolutely tasteless medications, such as calcium gluconate.They can be put in the porridge, and mashed potatoes.But some medicines can not be taken with food.

If the baby does not want to take medicine, he pressed against the cheek teeth on the level, and when he opens his mouth, the medicine poured into a spoon.Newborn and an infant can be very carefully pinch the nose, then he is sure to open your mouth and swallow the medicine.Young children can be administered the drug through the anus (rectum) with a balloon for enemas or suppositories.

Older children can be given the drug in the form of powders, tablets, pills.Powder is more convenient to take right out of the bag, which is shaped chute.The powder is poured into the language and give drink water.

well absorbed in the stomach of drugs that are readily soluble in water.The drugs most commonly taken after meals, so they do not irritate the stomach lining.Some medications should be taken before meals, it is said in the annotation to the drug.Swallowing a pill, the child should drink it a few sips of liquid.Frequent small sips of water contribute to the more rapid passage of the drug in the stomach.

Potions, concoctions given in graded glasses graduated 5,10,15,20 ml.In the absence of such a drug is poured into the dishes teaspoonful (5 ml), dessert (10 ml) or tablespoon (15 ml) spoon.

Most of the drugs should be given strictly on prescription, as parents may not know the dosage, side effects, compatibility of some medicines with others, and so on. N.

Parents need to ensure that, as a child behaves after receiving its assigned medicationand remember whether he had an allergic or other adverse reactions, that next time be sure to inform the doctor.

When treating a child at home, parents should ask the doctor the following:
- the exact name prescription drugs and how they can be replaced, if desired will not be in a pharmacy

- the basis for the use of these drugs

- a clear description of the appointment procedure, the schedule of medication, dosage, and drug storage conditions

- how to determine whether a drug intended effect gives that should be manifested its action

- what if the medicine seems ineffective

- what to do if you accidentally miss amedication or failed to carry out a procedure of appointing

- what is the duration of administration of each drug and the treatment generally

- what can be expected in the case

that the rules of treatment - any possible side effects from the treatment and what to do in case of their occurrence

- whether possible alternative treatments for this disease.

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