12 August

Dendroterapiya ( alternative medicine )

Tree - the fundamental beginning of almost all the peoples of our planet.Since pagan times no borders, no mountain ranges or oceans do not interfere with different people to believe in one thing and that is referred to as an zhe.V legends of many peoples of the world about the tree, "the axis on which the world rests."In the teachings of Yogi man depicted as a tree: the trunk - the spinal cord, threads - seventy-two thousand nerves, seven flowers on a tree - seven astral centers leaves - light.In the understanding of the ancient Slavs, the oak was the tree of life, growing on an island in the Buyan-okiya sea.The roots of it was spent in the Nav world Krivda (ie falsehood), peaks rise in the Rule, the world of the gods of light.The Slavs lived in the middle, in the world called Reality.

olden times people weakened from last forces walked to the plain, that cling to the rough bark of the secular oak.A woman dreaming about happiness in the family and the birth of a healthy child, went to the lime tree.The

girl that her life has developed successfully, go to the birch ...

According to the customs of many peoples, on the day of birth of the child plants a tree, and it became like the second "I" of man, his patron, handed to him of his strength.If a person is sick, sickness passed the tree, it is sickly and withered.

Our wise ancestors believed that the trees have souls.They saw the living creatures, the divine source of wisdom and protection.In folk medicine, there is a whole new trend - dendroterapiya, or treatment with trees.In the old days still talking - drevolazhenie, which meant the ability to get along with the help of a tree, that is, be in harmony with yourself and nature.It was observed that each tree has its own bio-energy, a psychological code.With one tree man instantly becomes a friendly, another leaves him indifferent, next to the third he feels causeless anxiety, irritability or fatigue.In the spring, during flowering, the trees are particularly strong biofield.

Why do we get tired or sick?The simple answer to this question is no.However, we have already proved - in many ways it is because our body energy balance is disturbed.To restore the balance, sometimes it is enough to come to the tree, which makes up for the lack of energy or, alternatively, take the surplus.Each of us has his own tree, closest to their bioenergetic characteristics.This tree will help in case of illness, give strength in difficult moments of life.

In order to find out the solution to your tree at the moment or not, take the foil from the usual chocolate, rub her hand and took a fancy to go to the tree.If the foil will be pulled to it, your tree if stick to your hand, it is better to not communicate this tree.Sometimes, your tree can not determine at once: it happens that the forest is silent, it seemed everything stopped.Be patient, come again and again.

All trees are divided into two major groups: giving energy (oak, birch, pine, apple, cedar) and aspirating, suction her (alder, aspen, poplar, wild cherry, all vines).

incorrectly assume that "feed" the energy of the trees are useful to us, and "take away" of its harmful.Just at different times have different problems and needs.Dendroterapevty advised to "pump out" energy with frequent headaches, osteochondrosis, neurosis heart, excessive thyroid function, as well as inflammation and injury."Make-up" is useful when a person is exposed to colds, as well as arthritis, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal disorders.

determine which wood is right for you, go to him, forced against his trunk and try sincerely to love him, to try him sympathy, tenderness.Renounce all thoughts, merge with them together and will feel for a moment, not a man but a tree ... Feel the vibration of climbing the trunk of natural juices, energy of the sun goes down on the leaves, the trunk - to the roots ... so perfectly cured neuroses, activated all cleaning processes in the body.

first time go to your tree more often, and it recognizes you get used to you, will be waiting for you.Greet wood, going up to him and say goodbye, leaving.Thank him, be frank with him as a best friend.

But if contact with the tree is unpleasant, painful, you better just ... do not communicate with each other.Not build such a tree near the gazebos in the country, do not hang the hammocks, and generally try to stay away from him.

Bioenergy properties trees are retained even after the tree has become a building material or a thing, so to bed and sit better on the furniture made from fueling trees, such as oak, but the front door to the apartment or window frames mustbe aspen.

as a means of first aid an exacerbation of some diseases, you can use slices or dice from their "own" or "universal" trees (birch, oak).If you make a hole inside the dies and cuts, you get the so-called bio-field corrector or Corbeil, dozens of times increases the healing power of the tree.

Energy characteristics trees.

OAK - tree vitality, longevity, wood-donor.Upon contact with them a person receives the maximum possible amount of vital energy.This burst of energy is good for people, often suffering from fatigue and wanton inner apathy.

PINE - the tree of peace, and the height of the spirit.If your life was going to an important moment when the fate and the need to think and calmly assess the situation, the best partner in this moment - pine.This tree treats nervous disorders, helps with stress.Physicians are advised to walk in the pine forest of people suffering from respiratory diseases.However, it is not recommended for a long time to be in a pine forest, especially in hot sunny weather, people with heart disease: the volatiles resin and pine needles can have a stimulating effect too.

ASH symbolizes the divine nature of mankind.It is believed that on contact with the tree human mind is freed from the usual limitations and realizes that in a normal state can not be understood.Psychics claim that he is able to awaken the power of clairvoyance.

apple tree is called the tree of female power and female sexuality.If you want to experience a new surge of erotic power - summer go to sleep under the apple tree.

ACACIA - wood nascent life.It is at Acacia asked the child's birth.But help acacia in the event that if you come to it alone.This tree of fertility, evokes a sense of motherhood and fatherhood.

ASPEN - destruction of the tree - absorbs, removes negative energy towards the other world.It is her property was considered in former times magical.The aspen grove psychics and magicians are losing their ability, so it is possible to alleviate the consequences of damage or the evil eye, clean your aura induced by noxious influences.In aspen wood rot will never start up.These properties even marked in the dictionary Dahl: "On the aspen began to speak fever and his teeth cut out a triangle from the bark, tinder their gums up the blood and applied it to his place again.Kohli leg drives, then put aspen log on the legs, and headaches - to the head. "

FIR - the only tree that gives the energy support all year round.A man, weary misery, contact with spruce bring clarity and peace of mind.The smell of spruce needles invigorates, and the smoke from burned dried twigs has antibacterial properties.They can fumigate houses in infectious diseases.

IVA - tree female magic.Many pagan rites, performed by women, have been associated with the willow.Despite its sleek silhouette, willow - tree of strong passions.Wreaths, woven from thin willow branches, known as a love remedy: girl left them on the road, which had to go through their elected representative.To keep her lover, willow twig sewn into the seam of men's clothing, willow branches entwine matrimonial bed legs.From the willow bark make necklaces and bracelets, and throwing them on the night of Ivan Kupala, asking for a husband.

BIRCH - gentle, compassionate, a good tree with a very strong influence.It should refer to the birch sick, weak, recovering people.It helps to restore lost strength.This positive charge is useful and healthy people, and it can be simply indispensable for a person in a state of depression.If you plant a birch with the birth of a child, growing tree would be his support and protection.Birch, who lives next to the house, drives away nightmares, protection from evil spirits.

ELM - tree-protector, the most suitable for men.It can give a person the strength to deal with life's difficulties.From elm often made talismans for the house, "males" that decorated the roof for protection against fire, and "fads" that were supposed to ward off evil spirits from the house and farm.

... Gone ritual groves, forgotten names of sacred trees.However, in the depths of people's hearts alive the memory of the magical virtues of Friends of the trees.Hence - love to building greenhouses and botanical gardens, hence a desire to carefully cultivate the garden, plant a tree in memory of the event and to protect the forests from logging.

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