19 September

Lithotherapy .Obsidian.Onyx.Opal ( alternative medicine )

Obsidian Obsidian

called volcanic glass, which is formed by rapid cooling of lava.In ancient times highly prized as a material for the manufacture of knives, axes, arrows.The ancient Aztecs made from it as a mirror.Later, due to the fact that the lava flows out of the ground, it began to be considered "black" stone that came into this world from the underworld.So, it has more magical than medicinal value, but is used in magical rites for the purpose of healing.


Mineral stratified alternating layers of chalcedony and agate, calcite, aragonite.Depending on the predominant structure varies in color and the degree of graininess.

In Greek, "Onyx" - a nail, and the mineral is really similar to the color of the nail.Gem of this rather fragile

meet and transparent, and opaque varieties.

valued since the days of ancient Rome and Greece - onyx amulets were considered very strong.Mentioned in the Bible, windowless walls, which differ in the Temple of Jerusalem, were made of translucent onyx.Modern

Christianity says the stone dedicated to the Apostle Philip.Muslims worship the precious black onyx, which is inserted into the wall of the temple of the Kaaba.

As an amulet has magical properties to protect against the evil eye and witchcraft, guards the owner from the fire, but only when it is pure of heart and thoughts of people.

Ancient knowledge attributes to this gem and medicinal properties.According to various sources, onyx:
● treats diseases of the nervous system,
● depression

● relieves stress

● strengthens the spine

● eliminates insomnia

● improves hearing.

But the main thing - it gives its possessor onyx, if that is his Body: Gem normalizes the liver, kidneys, lungs, improves memory, increases the potency and rejuvenates.


mineral refers to silica and has a unique property of opalescence.So called iridescent play of colors, which occurs every time changing, turning every stone.

probably best described the beauty of the gem Roman philosopher and writer Pliny in his "Natural History": "... there is in them a gentle fire of the carbuncle, a brilliant scarlet colored amethyst, emerald greens moretsvetnaya there, and all the light is."However, be aware of the vulnerability of the opal: it requires careful handling, since absorbs fluids and some oil, it can spoil even the dirty water.Moreover, it is sensitive to heat, impact and pressure.Opal belongs to the "aging" the rocks, ie the fact that they lose their beauty over time.

Opal attributed many properties - both magical and healing.According to the European occult traditions, magical properties increased sharply, if Stone rearrange gold.

How mascot is a stone of hope, it keeps the wearer from evil spells and dark thoughts, he holds from the base passions.In the countries of the East stone is a symbol of loyalty and truthfulness.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that the amulet is able to protect the opal host of epidemics, as well as contributes to fertility.

As a remedy opal and water infused with mineral, part of the drug treatment and many old recipes:
● depression

● heart and nerve diseases

infectious diseases ● visual impairment.

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