12 August

Mothers note.How to put an enema ( it is useful to know )

digestive system plays an important role in the life of the organism.This is particularly the statement refers to children whose internal organs are in the growth stage.In some children, there are irregularities in bowel habits, which lead to the formation of zaporov.Pri carrying out the procedure it is mandatory to adhere to a set of simple rules:

• Wash hands with soap own

• thoroughly rinse and then boil all elements enema

•when setting the dosage or oily enema beforehand to make a cleansing

• use as a liquid only approved physician solutions and preparations

• before the start of the procedure to control the liquid temperature

• calm the child

• not to make any sudden and strong movements during input of fluid inbody

• do not allow your child after the procedure to run, jump, and so on. e., following the end of the process.


1. Infants put an enema from a rubber balloon with a soft tip, a senior - a balloon tip or a bone from a mug Esmarch.For cleansing enema use

boiled water temperature of 28-30 ° C.In severe constipation to increase the laxative action enema water is added glycerol at the rate of 1 to 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of water.

2. It is recommended to enter the following amounts of liquid, depending on the child's age: newborn - 25 ml, at the age of 1 to 2 months - 30-40 ml, 50-60 ml 2-4 months, 6-9 months - 100-120 ml9-12 months - 120-180 ml, 1-2 years - 200-250 ml, 2-5 years - 300 ml, 6-10 years - 400-500 ml.

3. The balloon, with which put an enema should be sterilized tip smeared with petroleum jelly or butter.

4. To fill the balloon, squeeze his hand to complete displacement of air and then dipped the tip in water and clenched balloon, gaining it with water.The child lay on your left side and put it under the oilcloth diaper, folded several times.Hold the left forearm of the child's body and left arm bent leg at the knee joint, right hand gently, without any violence balloon tip is introduced into the rectum: a short soft tip is introduced in full, the longer the bone - at 4-5 cm Slow compressing the cylinder injected water.in the intestine.Then, without opening the container, remove it from the rectum.Upon completion of the procedure within a few minutes slightly compress the buttocks of the child, to avoid too rapid discharging water.

5. After applying cylinder is washed and boiled, keeping in clean closed jar or other container.

first year children can put an enema in the supine position with legs raised.

cleansing enemas to use the mug Esmarch.The child is usually placed on the left side with bent legs to the stomach.The mug douches pour boiled water with a temperature of 20-22 ° C, followed by opening the valve, release the air from the rubber tube and fill it with water.Mug hung on a tripod so that it was at 50-75 cm above the patient laid on the bed.Under the patient enclose oilcloth to the free end it came down to the pelvis.The rubber tip is smeared with Vaseline and spreading buttocks with his left hand, introduced him into the anus.The tip is first administered more forward toward the navel, then back, coccyx parallel to a depth of 5-10 cm. The rate at which the liquid is controlled with a crane, placed on the rubber tube.After finishing introduction of fluid tip carefully removed.The patient must lie down for 8-10 minutes until intensify peristalsis and will urge the act of defecation.

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