12 August

What determines the height of the individual ?( It is interesting to know )

human growth - the increase in body size, is due to enhanced cell proliferation, begins with the inception to full physical maturity, then stopped for 25-30 years, after which it begins to take ubyl.Rost not happen all the time evenly, but breaks4 stages, with the rapid growth (5-6 years) changes its deceleration (10-12 years), and then again to be accelerated (16-18 years for boys and girls to 14-15), and finally,secondary slowdown.Sin a pattern common to all races.

rate of growth depends on many factors:

- from the activity of the endocrine glands (pituitary and thyroid),

- on the state of food and general external conditions of life (well-off sections of the population have, in general, more growth),

-by hereditary causing racial differences in growth,

- from the floor, as the average increase in women's 10 cm below the growth in men of the same race.

body length, achieved by adults, are not the same for representatives of different genders and different races.Even the growth of the same pe

rson varies during the day: night is 2-3 cm lower than the morning, mostly because cartilage located between the bones, the day "caked".On average, for the humanity it reaches 165 cm (men).A large part of the globe inhabited by people average or below average growth.

How to increase your height?Typically, growth, and many other attributes (color of eyes, hair) is inherited, but the growth is affected not only heredity.A lot depends on the conditions in which a person lives, and not only individual terms, but also common, affecting the life of the entire society.It should be noted that the deterioration of the living conditions adversely affect human growth.War and all sorts of disasters reduce height.Also on the growth affected by some diseases, such as lung disease, heart, liver degeneration plus endocrinological diseases.

But it is all the objective conditions and do not depend on us.We can try to grow slightly.For example, moderate exercise for two hours at a time to increase the content in the body of the growth hormone (somatotropin) three times, especially if the exercises are performed during the day, the hormone levels increase at night during sleep.But it is worth considering that both insufficient and excessive exercise can slow down growth.

How to increase the growth of the child?The most favorable for growing vegetables have orange.Therefore, children should eat as much and often as possible carrots, pumpkin, turnip, bell peppers and sweet potatoes.

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