19 September

Mothers note.Hardening of children (it is useful to know )

One of the reasons that contribute to the high incidence of respiratory children is dysfunction and / or immaturity and detraining thermoregulation system and Thermoadaptation with reduced resistance to changes in temperature and a change in atmospheric pressure and ambient light.In this regard, great significance is the hardening of sickly child, aimed at normalizing processes of thermoregulation and termoadaptatsii.Pri skin cooling occurs reflex vasoconstriction as skin and mucous membranes of the nose, which reduces the temperature of the air in the nasal cavity at 2 ° C.This greatly disturbed the function of protective local immunity of the mucous membrane cells, antibodies reduced flow, which increases the risk of infection.Hardening coached reaction vessels and mucous membranes.In children tempered air temperature in the nasal cavity while cooling falls by 0,3-0,5 ° C.As a result of retained mucous membrane activity of local immunity factors nasopharynx with fluctuations in ambient temperature.

simultaneously with hardening occurring changes in blood flow in the vessels of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and internal organs.Change heart rate and breathing, blood pressure.This leads to an increase in metabolic level, reactivity, improvement of neuro-psychiatric, endocrine system.Curative effect of hardening is combined with the maintenance of cheerful, cheerful mood of the child.

Physiological preschoolers body systems have relatively small reserves, which is important to consider at a dose rate of tempering procedures.Failure to adapt is dangerous for the child, as may occur deterioration of health and well-being of the child, a negative attitude toward physical education.To prevent the adaptation of failure, you must follow certain rules:
- initiate and carry out hardening only at full health of children

- gradually increase the intensity of tempering procedures

- to comply with regularity and consistency during tempering procedures, which only and will be effective

- only systematic implementation of tempering procedures will help prevent colds

- hardening should be combined with physical exercise

- baby clothes should be rational, taking into account air temperature

- certainly a positive attitude of the child to the hardening (it is better to carry out hardening1 minute in a good mood than 5 minutes with the vagaries)

- not recommended hardening of more than 2-4 minutes.

break in the hardening of 2-3 weeks or more reduces the child's resistance to colds factors.Therefore, a careful consideration of the individual characteristics of the child's organism, its age, the possible increased sensitivity to tempering.

unacceptable conduct of hardening in the presence of a child's negative emotional reactions (fear, crying, anxiety).This can lead to neurotic disorders.

Hardening of children in preschool institutions, in addition to special tempering procedures, provides for strict adherence to rational hygienic conditions and requirements: clean air, the optimum ratio of air temperature in the room and adequate clothing, active motor mode, etc. Hardening if the child kept in greenhouse conditions.effect will not give.It is important to create a stimulating environment temperature, to ensure the appropriate weather clothing, normal temperature in an apartment (18-20 ° C during the day and at 2-4 ° C lower than at night).

quenched events require special training of medical staff, teachers, parents and children.

rational health regime, contributing to the improvement of physical and mental health of children, should be complemented by a daily observance of "thermal care", which eliminates the risk of overheating of the child and provides a tonic effect on the change in the ambient temperature.

One of the prerequisites of any kind is considered a rational tempering temperature of indoor air, where the kids are.Such a rational environment can not be "comfortable" temperature, although it is recommended in some guidelines and manuals.

fallacy of such recommendations is the fact that at an ambient temperature +24 ... + 25 ° C thermoregulatory mechanisms do not experience any noticeable tension and do not exercise.

Another prerequisite of effective hardening is an adequate children's clothing, which should correspond to the weather at this time of the day.Experience shows that it takes rigorously and constantly struggle with widespread and persistent prejudice about the benefits of a warming much clothing for the prevention of hypothermia.Furthermore, such clothes children become inactive, sweat quickly, they created conditions for a respiratory disease.The more a child is overheating due to excessive wear, the more possibilities of acute respiratory disease.

Tempering gives amazing results not only in terms of the prevention of colds, but also for the normalization of mental and emotional condition of the child, improve memory and attention, it is an excellent means of regulation of cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

To prevent SARS are most commonly used three groups of procedures:
1) quenching air (aerotherapy)

2) hardening of water (hydrotherapy)

3) hardening sunlight (heliotherapy).

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