12 August

Ultrasonography : some facts ( it is useful to know )

Ultrasonography recently widely used by doctors for clarification or the installation of a diagnosis.What do we know about this?Of course in physics is known, that is called ultrasound sound waves that lie above the threshold of human hearing organ, the frequencies of which are higher than 20 kHz.Ultrasound is contained in the wind and the sea noise, produced and perceived a number of animals - such as bats, some fish and insects.

Theoretical basis of ultrasound in the first half of the XIX century laid the Christian Andreas Doppler.A special piezoelectric effect, due to which produces ultrasonic vibrations, was opened in 1881 by the brothers Pierre Curie and J.-P.Curie.

But the practical application of ultrasound started later - during the First World War, when scientists KVShilovsky and P. Langevin developed a device with which it was possible to determine the distance to the target, as well as to detect enemy submarines.

Speaking of medicine, the first ultrasound began to be used in veterinary med

icine - to determine the subcutaneous fat in pigs.A first attempt to perform an ultrasound study of the human body relates to 1942.However, only in the early fifties it was able to obtain an ultrasound image of the internal organs and tissues.Since then, the ultrasound diagnosis became widely used in the diagnosis of many diseases and injuries of internal organs.

Principle.Ultrasound - method based on the principle of echolocation.An ultrasonic transmitter emits sound waves of high frequency.The waves hit the object, reflected from it and come to a receiving device (receiver) interprets them as an image on the monitor screen.a simple human eye can not see on this monitor is nothing but dark and light spots, but an expert can judge them on the location, shape and condition of the test body.

Argued that repeat ultrasound during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby.Is it so?Ultrasound diagnosis - a recent invention, so information about the possible consequences, especially long-term, even a little.While many doctors and technicians for Ultrasound believe that the procedure is harmless, but it is not the only opinion.And now conducted extensive studies of ultrasound influence on the genetic structure of the intrauterine development of the child, the condition of blood vessels, the blood, and more.

What is known?It turns out that the ultrasound waves affect living tissue in two ways.
Firstly, the beam heats the study area of ​​about one degree Celsius (2 degrees Fahrenheit).
Secondly, bombardment of tissues of high frequency sound waves leads to vibration and heating of molecules, resulting in cell tka¬ni tiny gas bubbles appear.

why not to do ultrasound of the uterus only to determine whether the pregnancy - in early pregnancy is not desired study.The first ultrasound is recommended in the period of 12-14 weeks.At this stage of pregnancy is confirmed by the fact that there is determined by the place of attachment of the embryo.This term can be the first to detect gross fetal malformations.

second ultrasound is desirable to go in 18-22 weeks of pregnancy, since in this period, all the organs are fully formed and it is possible to evaluate their structure.The third ultrasound done in 32-34 weeks, when determining the position of the baby in the womb, and assess blood flow in the system "mother - placenta - fetus".

I must say that in recent ultrasound diagnostics used to study a variety of organs and systems of the human body.But most of us, unfortunately, the only known US of kidneys, thyroid, abdominal organs - such research physicians frequently advise their patients.But ultrasound vascular ultrasound or eye orbits prescribed less often - only on special indications.This method of diagnosis in ophthalmology reveals various diseases in the early stages.So you can determine the condition of the optic nerve and nearby tissues, extraocular muscles of the eye, the lacrimal gland, and identify retinal detachment.

Result ultrasound in some cases can be the decisive factor in the diagnosis and choice of treatment strategy and its follow-up.

special training for US eyes is not required.The only condition is the lack of eye makeup.Research carried out at the closed eyelids, completely painless and does not cause discomfort.

way.If you are scheduled ultrasound of abdominal organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen), it is better to take it on an empty stomach in the morning and always (or 6-8 hours after a meal).

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