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Osteochondrosis .Lifestyle osteochondrosis

called osteochondrosis complex morphological changes in the structure of the spine and its surrounding tissues.These pathological changes are enhanced by sedentary lifestyle, lifting and carrying heavy loads, long-term preservation of awkward postures, sharp gestures.According to the number of victims of osteochondrosis superior to any natural disasters.

Manifestations of osteochondrosis - limited mobility, stiffness, feeling of heaviness in the back and lower back after prolonged situation of sitting, standing, lying down, as well as back pain, neck and muscle tension.In each case, the treatment requires an individual approach, so before you use the following methods, you need to undergo a medical examination, then consult an expert.

As for healthy people, then these suggestions can be a good means of prevention of osteoarthritis.

measures and prophylaxis of osteochondrosis

# Proper nutrition
# Contrasting air and water treatments.
# Constant attention to your posture.

Diet osteochondrosis

.The best diet in this disease - salt-free: fruits, vegetables, diuretic teas, herbs knotweed, cranberries, leaf and fruit currant, wild rose.Eliminate sugar from your diet and replace it with the infusion of dried fruits and dried fruits, honey.

How to lie .Sleep should be on a hard, flat bed, but not on the boards, and lay on the floor or on a wooden shield thin enough soft mattress made of natural materials such as wool blankets to spin retained their physiological bends and at the same time, straightened subluxations of the vertebrae.When the pain in the spine (and at first, until the vertebrae have not taken the right position, can be a pain) can be placed under the knees or sore joints in the spine a small roll of cotton wool - this will reduce the stretching of the nerves and relieve pain.Gradually, however, it is necessary to abandon this.Always remember the words Katsudzo Niches: "To the one who is sleeping on a soft bed of illness are uninvited»

«Your health depends on the thickness of your mattress."Make sure that the bed was firm, smooth, and sheets - light, air permeable.

When back pain, many are trying to sleep on my stomach.To back does not bend, pull up to her chest bent at the knee or foot sheet under the underbelly of the pillow.Before you go to sleep and take a comfortable position, lie on your back, let down his hands behind his head, stretch your legs and stretch a few times in different directions heels forward (putting your feet perpendicular to the body and pulling the toes-to-face) and hands simultaneously drag in the oppositeside.You can do one by one - the right, then left heel - but drag both hands.If the back hurts, do it as much.

get out of bed in the morning after sleeping man with acute symptoms of degenerative disc disease can be very difficult.Do this: first, lie on your back and do "potyagushki" several times with his hands and feet, then move the foot and toes forward and back, turn over on his stomach, lower one leg on the floor and lean on it, and on the hands, move the force of gravity on the kneeand gradually get up without making any sudden movements.

How to sit in osteochondrosis

to body mass is pressed to the spine, the body must be supported by the ischial tuberosity.This is only possible on hard seats.The height of the chair or the chair should match the length of the lower leg.It is necessary that the feet rested on the floor.For people of small stature, it is desirable to substitute a stool at his feet.Under the table, and wherever you're sitting, should be enough space for the legs, so that they did not have much flex.Maximum seat depth should be about 2 / s thigh length.

If during the day you have to sit a lot, try every 20-30 minutes "to look" over the right shoulder to the left side of the body through the left shoulder - on the right, it is desirable to limit the blade push and mentally watched from the coccyx to the neckvertebrae or, if possible, a little warm-up, for example, raise their hands, pulled up, shake them (like playing volleyball, only vibration - very quickly a few times).

Try to always sit directly to the back and top of the head were drawn up (to the ceiling or the sky), the shoulders should be deployed.If the line of duty on a daily basis have long to read, make or buy a device that supports the book at a sufficient height and tilt the table to the upper part of the body did not have to tilt forward.

Behind the wheel of the car, try to stay stress-free.It is important that the back had a good support.To do this, between the waist and the back of the chair put the cushion that will allow you to maintain the lumbar flexion.Keep head straight.After several hours of driving, exit the vehicle, make elementary exercise: Pull up, turn right and left, make a clockwise rotation, the side slopes of 8-10 times in each direction, ran around the car.

not sit or lie down for long periods in one position in front of TV.Periodically change your position, get up to warm up, or raise your hands over heart and shake them, and then sit for a few minutes with closed hands.Never sit with his legs crossed, - people with a habit most common heart attacks, so overtighten veins.After sitting at the TV 1-1.5 hours, take a break or kick back (seat), relax, make a few deep breaths.

How to stand

When a person is a long time, the spine, especially the lumbar region, is experiencing a huge load.Therefore, every 10-15 minutes, change posture, leaning it on one, then on the other foot, it reduces the load.If possible, walk (stamped) in place to repel the heel slightly raised them again down, move.From time to time laid back shoulders sag.If possible, raise your hands up, take a deep breath.Looks around himself then through the left, then over his right shoulder and watched from the heel to the tailbone and then up the spine of the cervical vertebrae, look at the imaginary treetops.This moleno somewhat relieve fatigue of muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, neck, back.

If you wash dishes, iron, alternately put one and then the other foot on a small bench or box.Those who suffer from osteochondrosis better sitting or stroke so as not to have to stoop low.While cleaning the apartment, working with a vacuum cleaner, and try not to bend low, better extend additional hose pipes.When cleaning under the bed, a table, get down on one knee.To lift an object from the floor, get down on all fours and, with his hand on a chair or table, drag over the object.So you do not overload the lumbar spine.

How to lift and move the gravity

One reason for exacerbation of osteochondrosis and intervertebral disc herniation (especially in the lumbosacral region) - is lifting and carrying heavy loads.Acute pain can occur when a sharp rise of gravity, and then another and when rotating the torso to the severity.In order not to overload the spine, it is better to divide the load by distributing it on both hands.It is impossible to sharply bend and unbend, holding in the hands of gravity.

to transfer heavy loads over long distances is best to use a backpack with wide straps.Weight complete backpack is evenly distributed on the entire spine, leaving both hands free.But still!If you have to lift weights to observe certain rules: wear any wide belt, sit down on his haunches, and the back should be straight, taking both hands the goods, rise without bending the back.This same technique is conserved during squats and while performing any exercise.

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