9 September

How to avoid varicose veins ?(women Health)

Then came the warm spring days.And pulls a walk, enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun.Yes, and lack of exercise does not sleep.In winter, we spent much time without moving.And although we all know that walking are good for you, in the evening feet treacherous whine and hum.From what is happening and what can be done? It is familiar to all.For most people, time passes in a sitting position.Prior to work and back home we get transport.We rest in the "lying in front of TV."A large number of home appliances impossible for us to at least make basic everyday movements.The tone of the muscles and blood vessels is reduced, the blood begins to stagnate.

in the arterial blood flows under high pressure through the work of the heart.And in the veins blood flow helps the muscle work.And so the venous pressure is quite different from the blood and is much weaker.Due to the lack of movement the veins do not work

It was previously thought that varicose veins occurs as an occupational disease, or "turned on" heredity.U

nfortunately, varicose veins may be affected and the person who does not have a genetic predisposition.

first signs of varicose veins: heaviness in the legs, feeling of tightness, edema, vascular mesh.How to avoid varicose veins?

• First of all - it is a sport.Even if there is no opportunity to engage in sports or fitness clubs, then you have at the disposal of public gardens and parks, where you can jog in the morning.At a minimum, try to walk more.

• Of course, heels and stilettos are not suitable for long walks.From shoes with high heels, and you can temporarily give up.At least - a little cheat.Wear it only at work, where, as you know, you move a little bit.And in the bag with him, you can take something more stable, if not shoes.Done Time, pereobulsya, and here it is - saving walking tour.

• In pharmacies you may be advised to buy a special compression stockings, which "work" as the second heart to the sick vessels, as well as orthotics, setting foot in an anatomically correct position.When using these devices a pain in the feet are greatly reduced, gait becomes easy.

• If funds permit, you can buy a special bath for the feet.Its cost varies on average from 1200 to 3000 rubles.She quickly relieve stress and tension, because it combines massage, heated and the impact of bubbles.It shall be accompanied several types of nozzles, peeling plate and a set of aromatic oils.

Contrast baths .
This procedure takes less than ten minutes.Prepare two basin: very hot and very cold water.Lower leg in hot water for 1.5-2 minutes, then in cold - 15-20 seconds.Repeat this process 3-4 times.

Herbal bath .
Well relieves tired feet warm pine bath.15 mg pine extract (available at pharmacies), and 2 tablespoons of sea salt in a deep bowl, add water.Lower legs for 5-10 minutes.In the same way you can make sage, lavender, chamomile bath.You can make your own extract and 2 handfuls of grass to fill in the three-liter pot, boil for 15 minutes after boiling, cool, strain, pour the broth into the tub.

Footbaths with cosmetic ice .
sure to keep in the refrigerator ice from chamomile or peppermint herbal infusions (pour them right to the bottom of the basin and immerse the feet for long).You can use a simple ice - only in this case the drip in the tub with ice cubes 2 drops of menthol oil or lemon juice.

exercises feet.
Sitting on a chair, lift your legs and make a circular motion feet.Repeat 10-15 times.Now bend and unbend toes.
big toe grab the piece of cloth or a pencil, lift it up and place it on the floor.All this will improve blood circulation, relax the muscles.

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