12 August

A heart attack in the garden .How to reduce risk?(women Health)

Probably not such a summer resident, who does not like spring.In the first tender green foliage, with the gentle sun, with the May holidays for new dreams, the first crocuses on a bed villa ... All large army dachnikov- gardeners, amateur gardeners.all winter dreams of spring and gait, Dorval to wheelbarrows, spades and rakes, performs feats in the name of the plant life of prosperity.But sometimes these exploits and ends as the real thing, the death or serious injury fighter.A wound is often heart - called infarkt.Pravda but has heart problems and other specific disease zealous gardeners: sciatica, lumbago, lumbago - severe pain in the lower back, the cause of which - in infringement of spinal nerve roots when working in a forced position on the slaveplantation, herniated disc, severe muscle tension of the back when lifting weights, etc.

acute pyelonephritis -.. an inflammation of the kidney tissue.Most often it occurs in patients with chronic kidney stones, prostate adenoma, and so on. N. Often asso

ciated with the work in light clothing in the wind, or sitting on the cold ground.

hernia - a protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall detrenirovannuyu.It occurs when a great force when lifting weights.Most often require surgical treatment.

Intestinal infections.The reasons - the use of raw water from untrusted sources or that food is stored or prepared in uncivilized conditions.

Sunburn affects lovers to combine business with pleasure.The results are often highly unprofitable and very unpleasant, and sometimes requires the help of a doctor.

But back to the "heart affairs".Doctors cardiologists working there, the term "myocardial years."Heart attack - a blockage of an artery supplying the heart itself, often a blood clot, blood clot.His other reason - coronary artery spasm.And then, and more can occur from:
1. Sharp rise of gravity.
2. Long work in an uncomfortable position, such as weeding.
3. overheating in the sun.
4. When you jump into the cold water after a long exposure to the sun.
5. In an effort after excessive alcohol consumption, and high-calorie food.

About infarction often say "for no reason at all" or "all of a sudden."But two out of three people who have had this catastrophe, even for a few days it felt early symptoms.It:
• paroxysmal chest pain does not subside even when the lie down

• shortness

• incomprehensible fatigue.

When myocardial already develops, the pain becomes stronger, it gives in the back, jaw, left, and sometimes the right arm, stomach, vomiting sometimes occur.The person experiences great fear, becomes restless, sweating.His lips, his turn blue fingers and toes, the elderly confused consciousness.In a sitting position or after nitroglycerin pills for a while the patient is getting better, but then the pain and the fear returned.

1. Take care of yourself.Do not try to go beyond what can the body, especially after the winter the lack of physical activity.Never make plans in advance, do not put yourself a specific task to "make the day so much."
2. increase the load slowly, guided by state of health.Remember, at the site of your desires will always be more of your opportunities.
3. Perform work slowly, with breaks every 20-30 minutes.
4. Never work in the heat of the day.
5. If you stand on the account about cardiovascular disease, ask your doctor, to which functional class you are.Depending on this, he will recommend and load.
6. For any chest pain is more cautious and think about the heart.

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