12 August


According Neuroimmunology, anger, fear, resentment, aggression, and other stress components are not in vain for the body.Splash negative energy suppresses the function of the thymus gland and other organs that support the body's natural defenses.And the most devastating blow to the immune system is not applied service conflicts, and domestic quarrels.

The conventional assertion that of lovers, only to amuse, not true.US researchers examined 50 couples have been married for 30-40 years.Immunological analysis of blood, held repeatedly showed that the couple, who several times a week, find out the relationship, decreases the body's resistance.This increases the risk of catching an infection of cancer and reduces the fate allotted days.Particularly affected are women from family fights - their immune system was more vulnerable than that of the male half of humanity.

stress - is also another factor that accelerates the aging process.It is sad, but the stress is already being called the terrible disease of

the XXI century, so it affects negatively not only on the skin, but also to our entire organism as a whole.

Try to respond to stress exercise, reducing stress: meditation can be carried out, auditory training, to engage in fitness yoga.A great way to combat stress is considered aromatherapy, often try to take a relaxing bath with essential oils: lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, neroli, ylang-ylang, sage (nutmeg), lemon, marjoram, etc.

Choose your favorite flavor or more and add 10 drops in a bath.Oils start to operate as soon as the body soak and penetrate into the bloodstream.

tone up your body you will also help the essential oils of rosewood, orange tree, geranium, basil, cardamom.

For insomnia associated with stress, there is an ancient Persian means: drip onto the pillow (or while taking therapeutic baths) a few drops of lavender oil or mozhzhevelnogo.And Juniper is more potent hypnotic than lavender.

• Get rid of stress can also be a mixture of aromatic following:
2 ml lavender, verbena 2 ml, 2 ml of lemon balm, sweet almond oil - 95 ml.Either: basil, eucalyptus, myrtle, bergamot, chamomile.

• If you have to get rid of stress using one type of oil, then 98 ml of base oil is taken 2 ml essential oil

if the two species, 96 ml oil base - 4ml essential oil

if three types of oil, the94 ml of base oil - 6 ml essential oil.Mixing oil, only use a clean syringe (fit the smallest).

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