12 August

Lose Weight correctly ( women's health )

• The weakening of the immune system, exacerbation of chronic disease - common side effects of too rapid weight loss.Do not set impossible tasks are not guided by the fashion magazine beauties!Press always illuminates only the beautiful side of life, but is silent about the problems.Normal rhythm slimming adult is 500 g -. 1 kg per week • Focus on diets that recommend a sufficiently large number of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich meat, fish, dairy products.

• During the fight against excess weight do not forget about drinking enough - at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day.

• Eat regularly: do not hesitate to snack at work or in any other place apple, a glass of kefir, leaf lettuce - it will allow you to more comfortably carry restrictions related to diet.And take care of the nervous system.Transfer the stress associated with losing weight, calm the nervous system, help to normalize sleep herbs, soothing fees.

• It turns out that the desire to eat well in the evening - a normal physiological proces

s.According to the doctors, just before going to sleep our body makes energy reserves in the event of a possible famine.That's why so many people do not like to have breakfast, but the evening experiencing craving a square meal.Evening meal - a kind of instinct, it is not necessary to deal with that, but it can "tame".

• It is necessary to remember that it does not matter when you eat, and what.The fat that is deposited in our body, mainly formed from the fat that we once ate.Proteins and complex carbohydrates are not conducive to weight gain.Therefore, in order not to gain weight in your daily menu should be more lean meat, cheese, vegetables, cereals, pasta.An hour and a half to sleep quietly, you can eat a slice of boiled lean meat or fish with vegetables and slice of grain (not white wheat!) Bread, drink a cup of yogurt (preferably skimmed).

• Do not drink coffee and juices - they stimulate the production of gastric juice and increases appetite.

• diversity of the diet, give a vivid taste of any diet, are widely used in many weight reduction programs exotic fruit body.Perhaps in an authentic rutabaga or Antonovka material providing harmony, too.But while scientists with great interest and diligently study the composition of exotic fruits.And that's what they've managed to find.
miraculous effect on the shape of pineapple enzyme bromelain is related to.It dulls the appetite and breaks down the protein, thus contributing to the digestion and breakdown of fats.
Kiwi stimulates the production of hormones, which help to deal with the excess pounds.
The pomelo and grapefruit lot naringin enzyme.Thanks to him, the metabolism is vigorous, the extra calories are burned faster.
tsinarin, which are rich in artichokes, does not grow fat depot, disposing of surpluses.
to quickly "fit" in the cherished 90-60-90, can be included in the diet papaya.Its active ingredient is papain rasshevelivaet metabolism, actively breaks down fats.

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