12 August

Climax .When you need hormone replacement therapy ( women's health )

Today we know that menopause-related hormonal disorders are a major factor contributing to the occurrence of many diseases.Do you need to carry out hormone replacement therapy.Always whether it is appropriate? In the United States, widely used replacement therapy.The essence of treatment is simple: as simple as possible and physiological way of giving a female body hormones, which he lost after menopause.

First of all, we are talking about a lack of estrogen.For the correction of certain harmful effects that appear as a result of treatment with estrogen alone, progesterone is administered.The most frequently used semisynthetic derivatives of estradiol.

They are used in tablets, in larger or smaller doses, for 25 days of the cycle, in combination with a synthetic derivative of progesterone, which is taken in the last ten days of the cycle.

General of estrogen treatment is very good.Patients no longer complain about the blood and heat waves are becoming more calm tides, they occur less frequently menta

l disorders, improves skin condition and mucous surfaces of the genital organs.It slows down the process of "leak" calcium from bones.After several years of treatment of bone remineralization can reach 15 percent.

Until recently, the effect of hormone therapy on the likelihood of cardiovascular disease remains unclear.From some research it has emerged that it is reduced and the other - which dramatically increases!Today, doctors unanimously assert that correctly chosen treatment does not adversely affect blood circulation, and may even reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Is it always necessary to treat menopause?The answer to this question lies more in the field of sociology, rather than medicine.Around menopause treatment erupted heated debates.

treatment Opponents stress that menopause - "a natural and inevitable phenomenon," which should be taken as a given therapy

same in this case, it is associated with risk.Radicals even expressed concerns not whether the treatment will exacerbate existing imbalances menopause - because according to statistics men die eight years earlier than women.

numerous adherents treat menopausal believe that the lack of female sex hormones is actually no different than, for example, from a lack of insulin, thyroid hormones, etc.Lack nonsexual hormone treated to avoid complications, so why not treat negative and sex hormones?After all, the lack of estrogen causes, as mentioned, the degradation of the mucous membranes of the genital organs, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, not to mention the hot flushes and other "minor" ailments, sometimes very unpleasant.And today, many doctors do not recommend to treat menopause, they are not considered a disease.There is also a fear of the unforeseen consequences of long-term hormonal treatment.Doctors are afraid to become like the "sorcerer's apprentice", which was unable to cope with the very spirit caused them!

At the same time, the benefits of hormone treatment is undeniable, provided that it is carried out under close medical supervision.

Who will be recommended to treat menopause?

Those who are already immediately after the onset of feeling unwell, those who are predisposed to osteoporosis (heredity, leanness, sedentary lifestyle, alcoholism, smoking, lack of calcium in food, early menopause or sterilization).In this case, the obligatory osteodensitometry that will show the extent of bone loss.Women at risk of cardiovascular disease (hypertension, high cholesterol, increased triglycerides, diabetes) should also benefit from hormone treatment, provided that all the accompanying illnesses tamed.

This hormonal treatment is contraindicated?No doubt women who have an increased risk of genital cancers, patients with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and mastopathy (hardening in the breast).

Contraindications and inflammation of the veins, thrombosis, obstruction of blood vessels.If

growing osteoporosis require hormonal treatment, it can be carried out using natural estrogens externally.However, there is no evidence that the therapy is safe in these cases.

Hormone treatment will bring healthy women entered menopause, good general condition, protect against age-related changes in bone and circulatory system.

Monitoring of treatment should keep your therapist or gynecologist.Controlled by the body weight, the pressure, the state of the mammary glands, genital organs (inspection and cytology smears), content of total cholesterol and HDL fractions, a well as sugar.Tolerability

depends on establishing the correct dosage, which is often sought by trial and error.If estrogens are not used regularly, it will decrease the effectiveness of treatment.

How long do I need to treat to prevent bone loss?Typically 5-10 years.If the patient wants, treatment can be continued at the end of this period.

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