9 September

memory lapses ( Women's Health )

I often hear complaints of memory loss, usually nebolshie.Chasche just forgets recent events Elderly people forget the names, phone numbers, etc.I have no idea where he had just put the glasses.I do not remember the content of the book read, forget what they wanted to do.This kind of incident happens to us thirty years, attributed to fatigue.After fifty or sixty years they have seen an old age.

course, two out of three of these annoying small "gaps" do not go beyond the norm.If you carry out tests on memorization, it turns out that the memory in these cases is quite normal.Sometimes there is a delay of reaction, ie,an increase in the time required to memorize and recall information.This is due to the fact that the "economy" of the brain is very large and it "frees space" for more important information, forgetting equally important.The same pattern is observed when we are absorbed in any one idea.Scattering of great scientists is proverbial.

And yet - in one case, three small memory lapses really signa

l the brain disorders.They may be the result of short-term or chronic fatigue stress.

Memory impairment is caused by fatigue of the nervous system due to lack of sleep, especially REM sleep (rapid).

Sedatives or sleeping pills, prescription for better sleep, reduce the sleep phase (phase of dreams) and the most impair memory.

poisoning, for example, alcohol or carbon monoxide (or cigarette smoke, which contains carbon monoxide) also affects the memory status.The use of cannabis, heroin, cocaine, morphine and other drugs leads to an order or other memory disorders.

Depressions cause minor mnemonic disorders that can progress in the case of receiving sedatives.On the state of the brain, and hence the memory can affect a number of diseases: heart and respiratory failure, decreased activity of the thyroid gland, severe inflammation of the liver, the lack of blood sugar, as well as long-term general anesthesia, coupled with the blood circulation outside the body, hypothermia.Sometimes memory problems - the first sign of incipient brain diseases, primarily - Alzheimer's disease, which is very difficult to diagnose.

Significant memory impairment typically observed after fifty years, they must be diagnosed using a series of tests.

Memory loss is rare and .dlitsya only a few hours, during which the patient does not remember anything, but it does not go beyond normal behavior.As a rule, he does not remember after the attack, which lost at the time of memory.

reason for this astounding memory failure is most likely in a state of blood vessels that feed the brain.Speculated that it is equivalent to an epileptic seizure or severe migraine.

Most memory loss increases gradually, capturing both the recent and long-standing facts.

Patients with alcoholism brain degradation caused by lack of vitamin C. They observed Korsakoff syndrome, amnesia or recent events.Dementia, which leads to complete degradation of mental functions generally not treatable.

If memory disorders, for which the patient complains of over sixty years, confirmed by tests, and the reasons for them can not be established, we tend to attribute their own aging process.In such cases, some improvement can be expected after the mental training.

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