12 August

Diet and recipes of traditional medicine for patients suffering from cough ( national treatment )

patients suffering from cough, shows the next diet.The diet is very useful to include liquid milk porridge of oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cooked with lots of milk (helps relieve bronchospasm), grated radish, seasoned with vegetable oil and sour cream.

effective in helping to get rid of a cough, a grape that helps heal the lungs and acts as an expectorant, fast curing common cold and cough.A glass of grape juice with a teaspoon of honey soothes cough.

Coffee is recommended to replace barley drink with the addition of chicory and milk.Well take a lemon, passed through a meat grinder together with the peel and mixed with honey to taste.Avoid spicy foods, sugary drinks, sweets.

From traditional medicine recipes can recommend the following.

• 1 lemon boil over low heat for 10 minutes to make it soft and out of it could squeeze more juice.Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice (best juicer).Pour the juice into a glass, add 2 tablespoons of glycerin, stir thoroughly and pour a glass of honey up to the t

op.In rare coughing take the syrup 1 teaspoon several times a day.Shake before use.If the cough bothers at night, take 1 teaspoon of syrup at night and another night.With strong drink cough syrup 1 teaspoon 6 times a day - in the morning (fasting), before dinner and after, in the evening, after dinner and at bedtime.By decreasing the number of methods to reduce coughing.The tool is recommended for both adults and children.It is effective when other medications do not help.Apple cider vinegar can be used instead of lemon.

• decoction of flowers of Viburnum ordinary - a good expectorant.You can also use a decoction of the fruit of Viburnum: a glass of fruit pour 1 liter of hot water, boil for 10 minutes, strain, add 3 tablespoons of honey.Drink 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day.

• A tablespoon of shredded leaves marshmallow sugar and 1 cup of boiled water, 1 hour, then drain.Take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

• Wipe the chest dry cloth rag, then rub dry piece of inner lard or ghee (if there is, then add the pine oil).

• Cut into very thin slices of 6 or 8 pieces of radish.Generously sprinkle each slice with sugar.After about half a day to stand out juice mixed with sugar.Take 1 tablespoon every hour.Sorcerers assert that the described means cures the worst cough in a relatively short period of time.

• Fresh cabbage juice with sugar is used as an expectorant for coughs and hoarseness.Drink a teaspoon several times a day.A decoction of cabbage with honey taken orally for respiratory diseases.

• oats or barley to fall asleep in a pot and pour 2/3 of its milk, are not filled before the end of two fingers.Close the lid and put in the oven with a little heat.Refill the milk as boiling, until the oats are not seethe.Drink this liquid by 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day for coughs.

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