12 August

Heel spurs .Prevention and treatment of heel spurs ( national treatment )

Spur - a subulate overgrowth on the surface of the bone, usually on the heel.The reasons for the formation of spurs:
# deposition of oxalate salts which is formed due to receive cooked food
# lack or absence of organic acids and salts in the body
# violation of mineral metabolism
# sedentary lifestyle.

change your lifestyle so that all these causes have been eliminated.Take away reason - dissolve spurs.

Prevention and treatment of spurs

Adhere to proper nutrition:
• drink up to 3 liters of simple, good quality
unboiled water • eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, seeds in
kind • if you have to eat food exposed to any heat treatment, raw food should be 3 times more
• to follow the work of the intestine, to prevent constipation.

Folk remedies for heel spurs

• The head of garlic Grate, attached to the spur.Cover the plaster bandage or wrap.The procedure is repeated until the pain will pass.

• garlic juice mixed with petroleum jelly and bacon.In case of burns go to another treatment.

• In the bottle with vinegar essence (250 mL) drop 10 pc.fractured along the razor blade type "Neva", "Baltika", "Sputnik".A few days later the blade solution and a brown liquid.Lower to the whole egg, it also dissolves.Grease composition obtained spur consecutive 3-4 days.The pain passes quickly.

• At night, keep up steam and dry.Pipette to the affected area to drip liquid corn (sold in pharmacies) or attach a gauze pad soaked in gall, and wrap to keep warm.Repeat to form on the site Spurs dent.To it did not get dirty, you need to bandage the leg to the disappearance of a dent.Spread the spur of iodine and then apply petroleum jelly mixed with baking soda, wrapped in a compress paper and cotton wool and not take off until the morning.Repeat several times, until the pain passes.

• Mix 100 g of acetic acid (90%), 100 g unsalted pork fat and 1 egg in the shell.The mixture was placed for 10 days in a dark place, stirring occasionally.Sore spot hover in hot water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and apply it on a cotton ball all night.Repeat 5 days.

• Do overnight lotions of turpentine or ammonia (alternate every other day) to moisten a gauze undiluted liquid, wring out and attach to the sore spot, cover with compress paper and cotton wool, pull the sock.Doing so for 15-30 days until the pain subsides.During treatment, it is impossible to clean off the skin can be burned.

• Dried flowers common lilac pour vodka in a ratio of 1 part of the color and 10 parts of vodka.Insist in a dark place for 8-10 days in a tightly sealed container.Take 30 drops 2-3 times a day and at the same time compresses the composition to superimpose sore spots or rubbing them.This tool is also effective for rheumatism and salt deposits in the joints.

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